Thursday, October 2, 2008

WABA MWG Activities/Programmes

WABA Men’s Initiative
1. Newsletter
MWG e-newsletter is produced 2 times each year in English and French to highlight positive roles of men in breastfeeding promotion by supporting women, mothers and children.
The MWG also collaborates with WABA’s Mother Support Task Force (MSTF) in their e-newsletter which carries articles on Mother Support /Men’s Support. MSTFe-newsletter is produced in 4 languages, i.e. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
To contribute articles and lessons learnt on Men’s Support, please send an email to:

2. Seedgrant for Men’s Initiative

The programme aims to establish or strengthen Men’s Support Groups and related activities such as Father-friendly Community Initiatives (FFCI) for breastfeeding protection, promotion and support worldwide.

3. Information service through

Make periodic review and up date of the Men’s Initiative section on the WABA website. Submission of articles, stories, research papers and pictures on interesting activities are welcome. Links to Men’s Support websites and list of events relevant to the Men’s Initiative are made available.

4. Information Materials: Activity Sheet

The MWG Activity Sheet highlights areas of interest and what men in diverse roles and sectors can do to expand activities at regional level and country levels.

5. Regional Snapshot

This project aims to produce a tool to collect information and to obtain a better understanding of the men’s situation and of fatherhood situation in different countries or regions. The Snapshot enables the MWG to strategize for its work more effectively. To join the regional snapshot activity, please contact WABA at:

6. Gender sensitization

This aims at promoting gender sensitization among men in and outside the breastfeeding network to fulfill the mission and goals of the Men’s Initiative.

7. Advocacy

To promote the objectives of the Men’s Initiatives at various events, such as, on UN Days and during outreach to other Men’s Groups with press releases, etc.

8. Father’s Forum

Let us know how keen you are in the Father’s Forum. Please register your interest and ideas at our website

9. Outreach Campaigns

There is an on-going outreach campaign for Men’s Initiative endorsement at events, conferences and from networking opportunities. Please endorse at:

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