Monday, December 8, 2008

Quality Management Training For FFF Cameroon In London

Quality Management Training For FFF Cameroon In London
By James Achanyi-Fontem, Cameroon Link
Three top level manager of Fine Forest Foundation have just ended quality assurance and control management training under the supervision of consultants of Sickle Cell Society in London, UK. The overall aim of the training was to provide the trainees with on-the-job best practice exposure that could build and enhance their capacity in terms of the provision of value-for-money sustainability and responsive community-led NGO management.
Introducing the course, Chief Executive Officer of Suckle Cell Society UK, Dr. Mbi. Asaah Nkohkwo said, the value-for-money systems accountability appraisal taught the Cameroonian FFF Cameroon team, is going to serve for better corporate planning and delivery, while set objectives will be easily translated into action.
Metrology reporting and public accountability, stakeholder impact assessment, marketing, public relations and partnership strategies were issues treated during the three-month long training.
The trainees were introduced to a typical management system set-up, business planning and project management, budgeting for growth, direct and indirect income generation to deliver objectives, book keeping with traceable income deployment, information technology web site, filing knowledge acquisition, quality assurance and control, stake holder satisfaction, fund raising and micro finance, events management and health promotion.
Ursula Fontem, Anastasia Atabong and James Achanyi were introduce to the several delivery methods including the use of a learning set and tutorial, models appraisal adopted by the Sickle Cell Society and PQASSO. Learning visits, out reach placements, self-directed enquiry and joining-in were other methods deployed to hand over known to the Cameroon managers.
Apart from the Sickle Cell Society UK, the other delivery partners included the British Council and the Commonwealth Commission, North-South TechnoMed, The Millennium Goals Foundation, TMG, United Kingdom and Outreach Management Services UK.
Outreach Management Services is specialized in providing solutions to charities, community and voluntary groups by equipping them with relevant skills. It helps groups of all sizes to maximize their potentials and become leaders in their fields. The training model of Outreach is high participative to enable the trainees to achieve insight and clarity, especially as the courses are design for people with different levels of experience.
Sickle Cell Society UK was formed in 1979, raises awareness and provides support to those suffering from the most common genetic blood disorder in the world. By the end of 1990s, members of the board recognized that in order for the organization to continue to have impact on the communities, a new approach of management was required.
In July 2002, Dr. Asa’ah Nkohkwo, a NHS-trained manager and the then Company Secretary of the Society, with some ideas about what changes wee needed, was appointed the new Director. He has undertaken a change management programme towards introducing efficiencies to all areas of the organization, saving costs as well as improving service and scope.
That ia just part of what the Scikle Cell Society UK tried sharing with the managers of Fine Forest Foundation Cameroon for three months. This story is continued in other blogs under different news titles. Click on this connection and return to


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