Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plan Cameroon, BCH Africa and Cameroon Link sign SUFI Protocol Agreement

Plan Cameroon has signed a Tripartite Protocol Agreement with CAMEROON LINK and BCH Africa Civil Society Organisation (CSO) to implement advocacy and communication activities for behavioural change within the frame work of the fight against malaria in the territory of the Health District of Bonassama. Cameroon entered into an agreement with the World Bank Fund for the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to implement a 5-year project: “Scaling up Malaria Control for Impact in Cameroon (SUFI) 2011-2015”. Famari BARRO signed on behalf of Plan Cameroon, Kondji Konji Dominique signed on behalf of BCH Africa and James Achanyi-Fontem endorsed the agreement on behalf of Cameroon Link CSO.
The project is structured according to the “Dual Track”, model with the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health as the Principal Recipient 1 (PR1) and Plan Cameroon as Principal Recipient 2 (PR2). Three other sub recipients (SR) are ACMS, IRESCO and MC-CCAM. Plan Cameroon is responsible for the implementation of the advocacy and communication package for behavioural change in collaboration with its two sub-recipients which are IRESCO, MC-CCAM and the civil society organisations (OSC) at the regional level, Health Districts level and the Community Based Organizations (CBO) at the health area level. 10 CSO in ten regions of Cameroon, 179 CSO in Health Districts and 15.500 CBO Health areas of Cameroon are concerned with the implementation of SUFI project.
Within the framework of the project implementation calendar, Plan Cameroon, in its capacity as Principal Recipient has entrusted CAMEROON LINK with the responsibility to take part and follow up the implementation of the activities of the Round 9 SUFI Project in its capacity as representative of the civil society organisation selected in the Health District of Bonassama to ensure that the interests of the populations are taken into account and that they are involved in the adaptation of the activities for the fight against malaria to the realities of individual capacities and communities.
CAMEROON LINK has engaged to implement the project as presented in the chronogram of Plan Cameroon. It would be recalled that Plan Cameroon places the protection of the Child at the centre of its concerns and CAMEROON LINK is conforming to the same policy of child rights as presented in the agreement.
The signed protocol agreement on 25th January,has been concluded to cover a period of 12 months from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 and It could be renewed on the basis of a positive evaluation of the performance of the activities carried out by CAMEROON LINK. Plan will put at the disposal of CAMEROON LINK, all the necessary documents and information tools for the good execution of the activities of SUFI in the Health District of Bonassama through BCH-AFRICA, which was selected as the regional civil society organisation to supervise activities in the Littoral region of Cameroon. BCH-AFRICA will also support CAMEROON LINK in facilitation where need would arise.

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