Friday, September 14, 2012

Cameroon Link Sends Petition to Formula Producers and Distributors

Companies should stop self-serving marketing activities and make formula cheaper. 1. We, at Cameroon Link, believe that mothers and the wider public have the right to independent information on pregnancy and baby care. This is available through the health care system and mother support groups.
2. We call for baby milk companies to stop targeting pregnant women and parents with so-called 'educational initiatives' and 'mother and baby clubs'. These are strategies for promoting brand names and gathering contact details and are ultimately paid for by those who use formula. 3. We call on companies to make permanent (not promotional) reductions to the price of formula. Note: The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent, relevant Resolutions of the World Health Assembly set out how companies can and cannot market formula. Reasons for the petition • All parents want the best for their babies. Misleading information from baby milk companies, beautifully packaged and marketed, increases companies' profits but has long term health and emotional consequences for mothers and babies. Families deserve good evidence-based information from well informed health professionals and voluntary mother support groups! • health information & research must be free of commercial interest & influence. • Infant feeding choice and parenting decisions should be free from the influence of companies aiming to make a profit from those decisions. Parents have the right to receive evidence-based, non-biased Information, including from health professionals, to enable them to make a fully informed choice. I would like to see the law strengthened to follow the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. • Mothers need to be supported rather than bombarded with misleading information so they can decide what is right for them and their baby. The formula companies must be stopped from cashing in mothers when they are most vulnerable. • Because industry never does better than Nature • Advertising has the goal to sell products and to gain money for big companys. So a lot of money is invested in this adds. Mothermilk and breastfeeding brings profits to mothers, babys, familys and communities. But in the fact that there is no company earning money with mothermilk there is too little money to protect breastfeeding and help mothers to reach their goals keeping the children healthy. Correct information without commercial influence is a human right. • Marketing under the guise of "education" is unethical and sneaky. Companies make enough profits without hyping or promoting formula. The bottom line cannot be about money but choice. This has been brought to you by Cameroon Link, Your Human Assistance Programme serving Africa and the World with the support of Commonwealth of Learning.

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