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Cameroon Link

Cameroon Link is a registered charity not-for-profit organization involved in volunteers’ socio-cultural promotion of community health development through women’s empowerment, human assistance advocacy, information, education and communication on human rights of the woman and the child. It also involved in nutrition promotion, especially in the area of Infant and Young Child Feeding. It was created on the 9th September 1991 and the head office is implanted in Grand Hangar-Bonabéri (Nouvelle Route) in the Douala City neighbourhood.

It was founded by a professional health development group of communication specialists, journalists, health and social welfare workers, due to the crucial lack of timely, adequate, appropriate and good circulation of information within communities on health development issues, social welfare, infant and young child feeding, maternal nutrition and food-self sufficiency in Cameroon. Cameroon Link is leader-organisation of the Federation of Cameroon Breastfeeding Promotion Association (FECABPA) and Cameroon Association of Newspaper Journalists, (CANJ). It was officially incorporated through its registration on the 23rd November 1992, within the frame work of the law N° 053/90 of 19th December 1990 on the creation of association.

Cameroon Link NGO holds the official registered reference n°251/RDDA/C.19/BAPP attributed by the SDO for Wouri Division, Richard MOTA, Senior Civil Administrator of Exceptional Class. Cameroon Link acquired from the Ministry of Women's Affairs a protocol letter of collaboration registered under the reference n°. 00199 signed on the 19th June 1997 by the Minister of Women's Affairs, Mrs. YAOU Aïssatou.

Another protocol letter of collaboration with the Ministry of the Public Health referenced N°. E32/L/MSP/BG/DSC/B.SIDA of 16th February 1998 was signed by the Secretary of State, HAYATOU Alim. The Registration Certificate N°: 98/RC/GPLI/SG/DAJ of 8th February 1995 was obtained from the Littoral Governor’s Office in Douala.

Cameroon Link is the International Award Winner for its outstanding communication performance of several distinctions amongst which are:

  • Canadian Developing Countries Farm Radio Network George Atkins Rural Communication Award- 1996
  • Mashav Haifa, Israel - Best Media Baron Strategies for Social Change Award 2001
  • IBFAN Africa Best Infant & Young Child Feeding Advocacy Award 2007
  • Olympic Gold Medal Award for WBW 2008 Marathon Competition 2008

Strategic Framework

The vision of Cameroon Link is of a nation in which people do not die of treatable infections and diseases or lack of adequate nutrition. This means a nation where communities have brought self-food sufficiency deficiencies, maternal and infant malnutrition, HIV/AIDS/TBc, Sickle Cell Disorder, Malaria,etc... under control through preventing, accessing and providing care and support, and alleviating the impact of any epidemic. Cameroon Link’s vision goes together with values. For this reason its activities build on human rights, public health and socio-economic development approaches. The work of Cameroon Link is underpinned by a set of shared values, which make its team to believe that:

· The lives of all human beings are of equal value. Unequal power relations increase people's vulnerability to common diseases. These arise, in particular, from poverty and the abuse of people's human rights. Gender, religion, class, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation are all sources of vulnerability and unequal power in our societies.

· Everyone has the right to access the information and services they need. People should have access to accurate and complete information about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby and complimentary feeding thereafter with continued breastfeeding, HIV prevention, comprehensive prevention programmes, and initiatives that promote the self-determination, dignity and quality of life for people living with common infections, and for groups who are likely to affect, or be affected by the spread of HIV/AIDS. People have the right to access AIDS care and treatment and appropriate health and social services, including treatment and palliative care for those with AIDS. Sickle Cell Disorder which is common in Africa has not got the full attention of decision makers for the problem to be considered a public health issue.

The work of Cameroon Link is guided by the belief in the importance of meaningfully involving all vulnerable people, particularly those living with HIV and AIDS, sickle cell disorders and malnutrition in all aspects of the response to the health issues, ensuring that communities play a central role in the response to these issues, challenging dogma and discrimination.

By getting into partnership with the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN Africa), Blue Cross International, other national and international organizations, we aimed at making sure that our initiatives are driven by evidence of “what works” for Cameroon like in other African countries and the rest of the world.

Cameroon Link takes a gender approach to health issues as a means of acknowledging the role of both men and women in meeting the challenges that surround us. Reducing the vulnerability of children and young people in Cameroon and other parts of the world, and involving them in planning, implementing and evaluating sex education, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and Sickle Cell Disorder prevention with care programmes, as well as being accountable to the people we work to support and to those who support our work has been and remains capital for our success in the years ahead.

In trying to fulfill this mission, we strongly believe that we are also contributing towards achieving the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, Infant and Young Child Feeding, alleviation of poverty among the less advantaged communities, the prevention of Sickle Cell Disorders of the United Nations General Assembly Special Sessions and to the Millennium Development Goals.

Cameroon Link remains a national initiative of people, organizations and communities working towards a shared vision by supporting effective community responses to Infant and Young Child Feeding, HIV and AIDS, Hygiene and Sanitation and Drug Abuse among Youths. It operates through forged partnerships, shared knowledge, accessing financial resources, and offering technical assistance through capacity building of men, women and youths’ groups. The WABA Men’s Initiative has join the race of challenges and we have hope that you will support our efforts.

By the organizational structure of Cameroon Link and the involvement of the media for communication purposes, it is recognized to have great social mobilization capacities for penetration of the grassroots populations. Cameroon Link uses the approaches of community advocacy and social mobilization, door-to-door, that take into account the roles of all stakeholders. All activities of Cameroon Link are designed with, and executed with representatives of the beneficiary groups and communities. It offers its technical know-how and services to other groups and organizations through information exchange, capacity building training and consultations. It operates counselling sessions in its documentation and training centre in the head office in Grand Hangar – Douala Bonabéri (Nouvelle Route), in the neighborhood of Douala City, considered the economic capital of Cameroon with a very thick population estimated already at approximately three million inhabitants.

Project Target Groups: Men, Women, Youths & Media


  • Collection and publication of health development and researched information
  • Promotion and animation of Cameroon Link Documentation Centre in Grand Hangar, Douala-Bonaberi (Nouvelle Route)
  • Organisation of advocacy conferences, and open-door activities for the promotion and protection of Infant and Young Child Feeding, mother and child rights, Women’s Reproductive Health rights, Maternal malnutrition and HIV prevention
  • Training of Community health volunteers on media strategies for social change through behaviour change communication.
  • Rehabilitation of AIDS Orphans and street children in emergency situation.
  • Organisation of home inclusion visits and assistance for social integration of vulnerable street children.
  • Promotion of Infant Exclusive Breastfeeding for the first 6 months
  • Promotion of nutrition and dietary activities within the food-self sufficiency programme of Cameroon
  • Organisation of Infant and Young Child Feeding Emergency Support
  • Advocacy and Monitoring for the promotion of the International Code on the Marketing of Breast milk substitutes.
  • Training of Community Health Volunteers on Advocacy and Social Mobilisation strategies, I.E.C. Strategies, Code Monitoring, Peer Education and HIV Prevention & Home Care Initiatives Management.
  • Promotion of HIV - positive patients’ assistance and psycho-social support
  • Collection of information, production, multiplication and circulation of educational materials for community out reach purposes through print and audio-visual channels.

Administrative Council

Chief Executive Officer: James Achanyi-Fontem, Communication Consultant

Secretary: Christine Nganno, Nutritionnist

Treasurer: Lucie CHOUNGA, ToT Coordinator

Information Officer: Chrisantus Abila, Youth Peer Leader

Welfare Officer: Francis Lekeaka, Sociologist-Anthropologist

Youth Initiative: Anuwoh Achanyi & Njiankeng Achanyi (Students)

Logistic: Celine Asonganyi, Accountant

Code Monitoring Unit: David Koledjo, Cameroon Blue Cross Youths Coordinator

Information Officer: Aboubakar Mgbekoum, Journatist

Resources Persons:

Dr. Mbunya Nkondem Simon, Physician,

Samuel Mibe, Senior Health Technician

Mouto Priscille, Gender Women Council Leader, Bonamikano

Ngwa Mary, Gender Women Council Leader, Mambanda

Tchamkou Mathilde, Gender Women Council Leader, Ngwele

Peter Monet Otto, Community Health Volunteer

For more information and exchange

Contact Person

James Achanyi-Fontem

National Coordinator,

Cameroon Link

P.O. Box 1460 Douala,

Littoral Province,


Tel: (237) 77 75 88 40

Fax:(237) 33 39 13 56


Web site:

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